Alister Wright On his way to winning the opening round

Alister Wright On his way to winning the opening round

The Light was fading fast and the earlier delays had all of the Military riders waiting to see if we would take to the track.

Then the tannoy erupted into life with Bernadette calling all Military riders.  RACE ON lets go.  A frenzy of activity in all three services awnings and a few minutes later we all rolled out onto the grid and lined up for the sighting lap.

A mix of classes was going to make things interesting and with the grid being decided by the timings set for individual class qualification.  The rain had played its part whit the big bikes at the back of the grid after the rain in qualifying.

Red flag dropped and the sighting lap was on.  Everyone lined up and then it was the wait for the red light to go out and get the season underway.

GO !!! and would you know it a crash on the start with 2 of the RAF riders trying to use the same piece of tarmac.  This lead to one of the Army CB500’s also coming to an early stop.  There were battles all the way through the grid with Alister Wright from Team Navy finally taking the checkered flag with Jason Markham (Army) and Mick Riddle (RAF) in second and third.

Written by Captain