After Malory Park we had some work to do to get back in the running for the championships.

It looked like the weather was going to be very mixed and with the prospect of 2 military races over the weekend it was all go.  The team did loads of good testing and were set for some good battles.

The weather decided to play ball and on the Saturday it was dry for the race.  Unfortunately we were one rider down due to other commitments but the rest got on the grid and pushed hard.  Some good riding saw the team pushing hard but unfortunately Cemal went down to a front end low side.  leaving us with only 7 scoring riders.

The Sunday beckoned and the sun came out … well till 1 1/2 hours before the race when it poured with rain for 10 min.  This meant it was now a game of chance to see what tyres were used.  in the run up to the race two of the team went down in the same corner but were lucky to get away with minimal damage.  The clock was ticking and every min meant the track was drying but nobody knew the state of the track.  Every rider in the races leading up were being asked “whats it like out there”.

With 10 min to go the decision everyone took was dry tyres.  Good choice as it had dried up.  Red Light out and away we go …

the field spread out and there were some good battles all through the grid.  Unfortunately two of out riders collided and were unable to finish the race.  Lucky for us the Army team had some issues of their own so we did not lose too much.  all in all we have given ourselves a slim chance of getting back into the fight.

The next round in a bonus round for the Inter Services with 3 races on one day at the Donington 500 on the 13th Aug.  Time to pull it back and get back in the action.

Written by Captain